Father’s Day

What is Father’s Day?

After Anna Jarvis established Mother’s Day in 1908, Sonora Dodd proposed Father‘s Day to complement Mother’s Day and to celebrate fathers. It became a national holiday only in 1972 and has also been adapted by many other countries around the world.

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Father’s Day

When is Father’s Day?

Although some countries deviate from it, it is most common around the world to celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June as signed by President Nixon in 1972. This means Father’s Day takes place on Sunday June 16 in 2024, and on Sunday June 15 in 2025. Sonora Dodd originally suggested June 5, which was her father’s birthday, but because the pastors of the local Spokane Ministerial Alliance needed more time to prepare their sermons, they chose the third Sunday of June instead.

Celebrating Father’s Day

The most popular traditions surrounding Father’s Day are activities, cards and gifts.

Father’s Day

Whether your father is into golf, baseball, bowling, fishing or any other sports or hobby, Father’s Day is the perfect day to watch a game of baseball in the stadium, play a game of golf or bowling or cast a reel with your father. Although church attendance is typically very low at Father’s Day, it is also a good option to go to the church with the family if your father prefers this.

Father’s Day is a very popular day for sending cards, making it the fifth largest holiday for sending cards. You can also send a hand written letter instead to make it more personal.

Father’s Day

It is customary for children to give their father a well thought of gift at Father’s Day. This can include breakfast in bed and/or handmade crafts for younger children, and store bought gifts for older children and adults. Are you looking for a perfect gift for your father? Our gift finder shows you the most popular gifts for your father. Perfect for some inspiration!

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We wish you a happy Father’s Day!