Gift Exchange Generator

The gift exchange generator is here to make organizing your Christmas a whole lot easier! No more travelling halfway across the country to draw names together. Just use the gift exchange generator and organize everything online. It’s very quick and easy!
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The gift exchange generator, why use it?

The question should be, why not? The gift exchange draw names generator is easy to use. Just enter the participants’ names and their email addresses and let the generator work its magic. With the draw names generator, there’s no chance you’ll draw your own name or even worse: lose the name you drew.

Gift Exchange Generator

Gift exchange generator with no emails!

What about if you don’t have everyone’s email address? You can use the gift exchange generator with no emails! It’s easy to use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to create a gift exchange and draw names with just a few clicks.

And there’s more!

After the gift exchange generator has assigned everyone a name, you can use the drawnames’ website to make wish lists for each other. With this you can give your Secret Santa some ideas on what to get you.

Feeling completely uninspired? No worries! There’s a gift finder on the site which will help you to find the perfect present. You can search different categories and select different price ranges to narrow down the number of items.

Secret questions

Of course you can also use the gift finder to find your giftee a present. If your drawn name hasn’t put anything on his/her wish list you can also ask your giftee a secret question, to find out a little more about this person. It is also possible to exchange ideas with the rest of the group on your group page but remember to keep your drawn name a secret ;-).