DrawNames on the Hotmail Safe senders list

  1. Click on the settings icon next to your name (in the upper right-hand corner). A small menu appears. Choose More mail settings in this menu.

  2. Choose Safe and blocked senders, which is within the Preventing junk email section, in the column on the right.

  3. First check whether drawnames@drawnames.com is on the Blocked senders list. Choose Blocked senders.

  4. If drawnames@drawnames.com is not on this list, continue with step 5.
    If drawnames@drawnames.com is on this list, select it and click Remove from list.

  5. Then click Safe and blocked senders, at the top of the page.

  6. Click Safe senders.

  7. Type drawnames@drawnames.com at Sender or domain to mark as safe: and click Add to list.