Secret Santa Office Party

Secret Santa office parties are a popular. Surprising each other with fun and playful gifts has become a widespread tradition. It adds an element of surprise to your Christmas Office Party and it’s also a good way to get to know your co-workers a little better. Who will be your office Secret Santa?
Draw Names now

How to organize a Secret Santa office party

So, this is how it usually works: a few weeks before Christmas, office teams get together to draw names for the Secret Santa office party. This can be done in the old-fashioned way, by drawing names from a hat, or you can organize your Secret Santa online by using Draw Names. If you already have a list of names and/or email addresses, you can easily import them. The biggest advantage of using a Secret Santa generator is that there’s no chance of people getting their own name and you can’t lose the name you drew either.

Secret Santa Office Party

What presents to get for the gift exchange

Once you know your office Secret Santa, it’s time to go shopping! What kind of presents you get each other depends on the sort of company you work for. Some companies have a tradition of buying each other silly gifts for the Secret Santa office party, while others put an emphasis on buying thoughtful gifts or only from second-hand stores.

So, it’s a good idea to decide beforehand on what kind of gifts you’ll be getting each other. This will prevent people from getting disappointed by their office Secret Santa.

Online Wish Lists

Make (online) wish lists

A good way to make sure that everyone gets what they want, is to fill out wish lists. When you draw names on, you can also make a wish list to give your office Secret Santa a few ideas on what to get you. Keep Secret Santa shopping fun and stress-free by buying your gifts online. To make it even easier, use the drawnames gift finder. For more inspiration for your office party, read our 10 Unique Ideas For the Annual Office Holiday Party in a Hybrid Work Environment.