5 Ways to Celebrate Easter

easter egg hunt

Ah Easter, the first holiday of the year. Families and friends get together to look for eggs, decorate eggs and eat lots and lots of eggs. Of course you can have your traditional Easter brunch and your typical egg searching party, but why not mix it up a little bit this year? How? Find out here!

1. Have a Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange

If you enjoy a good Secret Santa gift exchange with friends, family or colleagues, why not celebrate Easter with a Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange? More and more people are starting to draw names and get each other gifts for Easter. The concept is the same as Secret Santa, everyone draws a name and no one knows who their Secret Easter Bunny is. You can draw names the old fashioned way, from a hat, but drawing names online is a lot easier. Save yourself some time and planning, draw names for your Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange online!
Start Drawing Names

2. Organize an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Give a twist to your traditional egg searching party and turn it into a scavenger hunt. Buy or make hollow plastic eggs in which you can put clues to finding the next hiding spot. These eggs with clues will eventually lead you to the treasure. This can either be a small gift, a big chocolate egg or another eastery present. You can also add a theme to the scavenger hunt, depending on age and interests. Think: superheroes, favorite cartoons, sports.

easter games

3. Have a small Easter Games Tournament

Gather together you children, the neighbour’s children and all your nieces and nephews for an Easter Games Tournament. You could play the following games during the event:


All you need for the eggrace are spoons, eggs and a bunch of excited children or grownups (we don’t judge). Draw a start line and finish line. Arrange all the contestants next to each other at the start line with each an egg and a spoon. Then ask everyone to place their egg on the spoon and to put their other hand on their back. Then it’s racing time. As soon as you say “go”, everyone will have to run and try to reach the finish. When someone drops their egg, they’ll have to start over. The first one to cross the finish wins!

Egg Throwing

This game is pretty straightforward. Aim of the game is to throw your egg as far as possible (on grass) without breaking it. The person who throw’s his or her egg the furthest wins.

Easter Piñata

Make an Easter egg or bunny piñata filled with Easter candy. You can either buy a piñata or make one yourself out of papier-mâché. When you decide to make one yourself, do this at least two weeks in advance, because the drying of the papier-mâché will take a while. How to do this?
Step 1: blow up a balloon.
Step 2: mix some wallpaper paste with water and cut a few newspapers into strips.
Step 3: dip the strips into the paste and stick them onto the balloon until the balloon is fully covered with a few layers of newspaper.
Step 4: dry the piñata for a few days and repeat this process.
Step 5: (after 3 or 4 days) pierce the balloon and poor your candy in through the hole.
Step 6: close the hole with some more paper mache and cover your piñata with colored papers to turn it into an egg or a bunny!

4. Fun Family Day Trips

Easter Monday is the perfect day to go out on a family trip. Visit the following museums for a fun and interactive day. Make sure to check out current opening times before you plan your trip, as these places might be temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Please Touch Museum

This museum is all about discovering, learning and playing. Train your child’s brain and your own at this interactive museum. Visit theatre performances, join the sing-a-longs and listen to stories in the Story Castle.
Where: Philadelphia
Admission: $19,-

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Build your own rockets, make a kinetic sound artwork and defy gravity at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. There’s so much to do at this museum that you can easily spend the whole day here.
Where: Pittsburgh
Admission: adults $16,-, children $14,-

Children's Museum of Manhattan

The museum is known for its water play area outside. There are different playrooms catering to different ages and there are loads of cultural activities. Definitely visit the interactive Japan exhibit, on now.
Where: New York
Admission: $14,-

Other fun museums for families:

5. Have an Easter Matinee

Choose a nice feel good Easter film, close all the curtains and pull down the blinds. Arrange your chairs in a theatre setup, hand out buttons (or something else that can function as a means of payment) and send everyone out into the hall. Then place yourself in front of the living room door and have everyone hand in their button as an entrance fee. Some suggestions for nice Easter films: