What is Easter?

Easter Sunday is when Christians remember how Jesus Christ was returned to life after his death on Good Friday. Although it is a religious festival, Easter is celebrated by many people in different ways. Traditions that are popular during the Easter period are often egg-related – decorating eggs, Easter Egg Hunts and, of course, giving and eating chocolate eggs!

When is Easter?

Easter is always between March 22 and April 25, on the first Sunday (and Monday) after the first full moon once spring has officially begun. In 2025, Good Friday is on April 18 and Easter Sunday and Monday on April 20 and April 21.

Secret Easter bunny

Easter traditions

As one of the main weekends in the annual calendar of public holidays, Easter has many traditions and customs. What do you like doing at Easter?

  1. Easter eggs
    There are all kinds of DIY decorations you can do with eggs, like painting them in different colours and making an Easter egg basket decorated with fluffy chicks. Children (and adults!) are spoilt with all kinds of chocolate Easter eggs, large and small. But first the kids have to go looking for the eggs that Easter Bunny has hidden somewhere in the house or the garden. Time for the Easter Egg Hunt!

  2. Easter Egg Roll
    In this game, children all roll an egg down a hill at the same time. The egg that reaches the bottom first wins the game. This tradition goes all the way to the White House. Check out their website to see if the 2024 edition will take place.

  3. Easter Ham
    A classic Easter Ham is often on a restaurant’s Easter menu. And also part of a family’s traditional Easter Sunday dinner at home.

  4. Good Friday
    Good Friday is when Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is towards the end of the period of Lent – 40 days from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter – when some Christians give up a type of food or activity they really enjoy, in memory of Christ’s suffering.

  5. Parades
    Many cities host Easter parades. The biggest one takes place on Fifth Avenue in New York.

Easter tradition

New Easter tradition: Secret Easter Bunny

Secret Easter Bunny and Secret Easter Basket gifting are newer activities that have been added to the list of typical Easter traditions. Both offer a way to exchange gifts, just like we gift each other for Christmas.

Draw names and make each other Easter baskets or get creative for your Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange. Secret Easter Bunny gifts are often more elaborate than Secret Santa presents. For example, a giant papier-mâché Easter egg with a gift hidden inside.

Secret Easter Bunny rules

Have you decided to arrange a Secret Easter Bunny game this year? Then this is what to do:

  1. Go to drawnames.com and fill in the names of everyone who is taking part.
  2. Add any exclusions: who shouldn’t draw whom?
  3. Add any details the group needs to know, like the amount to be spent. Then the names are drawn!
Start Drawing Names