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With Easter around the corner it’s time to start preparing your Easter celebration. Popular traditions during the Easter period are decorating eggs, Easter Egg Hunts, Secret Easter Bunny gift exchanges and giving and eating chocolate eggs! Besides all that another popular tradition is exchanging Easter Baskets.

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The origin of the Easter Basket

Many people believe the Easter Basket finds its origins in the honoring of the fertility goddess, Eostre. People would offer baskets filled with seedlings to her. Eostre would also carry a basket filled with seedlings to symbolize fertility and new life. Nowadays we have adapted this tradition, in our new way of celebrating Easter, in the form of Easter Baskets.

What is an Easter Basket?

An Easter Basket is a basket filled with food and other gifts to show your loved ones you care about them. You can include food and drinks they'll enjoy, surprise them or even set a theme. Common Easter gifts for your Easter Basket include chocolate eggs, treats and small presents.

Personalized Easter Basket

Easter Basket gift inspiration

Easter Baskets are often exchanged between friends and family members. You can give Easter Baskets to anyone to show you care about them. Great items to add to your Easter basket are Easter treats like chocolate eggs, drinks, small gifts, etc. To make your Easter Basket exchange more fun, give it a theme or make up your own rules.
When giving an Easter Basket, always keep the giftee in mind – try to buy things they'll enjoy and create a personalized Easter Basket.
If you want to give your kids something other than just chocolate eggs or candy, filling an Easter Basket with Easter gifts is a great alternative. You can fill their Easter Baskets with toys, books, clothes and other things they'll enjoy.

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Host an Easter Basket gift exchange

A great way to exchange Easter Baskets is to set up a gift exchange: Everyone makes an Easter basket for one person, but who will give you yours is a surprise!

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